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Handling Tuition  ( Semi-Retirement August end 2020)

( As Time allows.... it is getting harder to fit tuition in to be honest! but we have some great recommendations of local able tutors..)

Having been involved in new boats sales since 1978, James has spent

hundreds of hours handing over a variety of boats to their new owners.

He has learnt how to help owners get the best from their boats in open

water conditions as well as the stressful marina environment. Of course he makes it look easy, he was born in a boat with morse controls instead of a rattle! but seriously he can help reduce anxiety aboard by helping both skipper and crew to understand what is happening, why and what to do about it! Communication, anticipation and preparation are as important as the helmsman skill when leaving or arriving at a berth.

He can show you the best way to approach your berth, in your boat,

in your marina and in a variety of conditions, Showing the crew

exactly what is going on as well to give them a better understanding.

Even experienced owners may pick up a trick or two.

Teaching the skipper, (some times husband) what to do when the boat stops is common, - we find teaching the crew (often wife) what to do when the husband stops is very valuable!! (position finding, emergency VHF, basic boat handling).

Helping you both enjoy your boating.



Emily Dickens at 11 Yrs was a natural helm

(After her first in Biological Sciences NOW helping teach Hospitals and eminant surgeons best use of Olympus advanced Camera Lance technology , for Keyhole operations ! Time moves on...)

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