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Do you have a boat you wish to sell? Call or e-mail us and let us know.

We will arrange to view her, to assess her condition, history and approximate value. We may offer advice on how she should best be prepared for sale. We will take MANY digital photos and he VIDEOWALK which has proved its worth , if at all possible, a simple side running shot of the actual boat as library pictures are so dull, for the boats details, adverts and web site. We tend towards hard standing at Hythe Marina, where your boat can be nicely displayed, with Power, water and 24 hour camera surveillance, as well as usual yard facilities, Hoist, Engineers, Shipwrights, GRP works, etc.

Often displaying ashore will be far more effective exposure than being afloat and helps sell your boat.

A listing agreement is completed and then we can get on with the advertising. Our website is very well registered with search engines, and we have pages within the top five marine search sites as well. Our advertising is aimed at the best target market for your boat. We keep a good database of interested clients so we may already have your buyer lined up, making it quite a fast process!

We use standard Sale Agreement Forms and hold any funds relating to the sale in dedicated client accounts. We ask for copies of the usual title documents and evidence of VAT payment (if required) early to ensure transfer of title is straight forward and any service history is very valuable indeed.

We are professional, competitive, highly motivated and will work hard to achieve a "Happy" sale.


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