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Buyer's Agent Service 

You may know exactly which boat you want but cannot find it, let us try, we know where to look!! Send an e-mail or call to discuss, we do hear of things early! A " Wanted squigwig 42" entry on our pages has helped us find several boats for buyers.

With many years hands on boat building experience we are able to help with refurbishment, repairs and renewals, be it a cosmetic "wash and brush up" to present in good order for sale to after sale help with local knowledge of able and trusted suppliers to undertake refit works, Engine servicing, gelcoat and grp works..before or after sale. We can suggest the right man / woman / company to talk to for most marine orientated needs around the Solent and beyond. "who does a good job, who is available quickly, who knows thier stuff" ?, etc are all questions we can help with ..

........Helicopter.. No Not ours..! but can be useful.

Mumford Marine Services ... The Team are available for all your maintenance needs.

....as is the mobile office for distant Viewings..


We can get at most boats in most places..by land, sea or air !












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